First Record of Leea guineensis (Vitaceae) in Cuban Scientific Literature

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Andrys Martínez Proenza, B.Sc.
Isidro E. Méndez Santos, Dr. Ph.D.
Julio C. Rifa Tellez, Dr. Ph.D.
Rayner Morales Pérez, B.Sc.


The presence of Leea guineensis G. Don. was confirmed in Cuba. It is a widely cultivated alochtonous species used in Cuba as ornameltal plants, which had not been previously registered in the scientific literature of the country. Several botanical procedures (collections, specialized catalogs, descriptions, and scientific illustrations) were applied. It is a new taxon of the genus in the country. A key is suggested as a way to distinguish it from other genera of the Vitaceae family.

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Martínez Proenza, A., Méndez Santos, I. E., Rifa Tellez, J. C., & Morales Pérez, R. (2018). First Record of Leea guineensis (Vitaceae) in Cuban Scientific Literature. Agrisost, 24(1), 25-32. Recuperado a partir de
Novum cubanus plantae coluerunt