Foundational Conception of the Botanical Garden of Camagüey

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Isidro E. Méndez Santos, Ph.D.


Research done by the multidisciplinary team of specialists who designed the botanical garden of the province of Camagüey, Cuba, is discussed in this paper, which also includes the rationale for the opening of the garden in the summer of 2015. The site selected for the garden, the exhibition areas, and other facilities for public use and research were characterized. The basic ideas concerning the landscape and architecture of the work were described as well. The particular work goals and the legal framework to support the creation of the scientific institution were studied in depth.

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Méndez Santos, I. (2018). Foundational Conception of the Botanical Garden of Camagüey. Agrisost, 24(3), 136-151. Recuperado a partir de
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