Gender Relationships in Agricultural Cooperatives in Camagüey

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Maribel Almaguer Rondón
Marianela Rosa Parrado Alvarez
Ana Ana Lidia Torres Armenteros
Liuba López Lara


To empower women in the rural sector, equitable and sustainable participation is fundamental so they become part of the several different management levels. Accordingly, the aim of this paper is to explain the role of women in rural cooperatives in the province of Camaguey. The results from a qualitative and quantitative research are disclosed in this paper. They spoke for the need to keep updating the Cuban economic model, in response to the National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba. The outcome of how much has been done in terms of women who manage cooperatives in Camaguey is presented as well.

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Rondón, M., Parrado Alvarez, M., Torres Armenteros, A., & López Lara, L. (2016). Gender Relationships in Agricultural Cooperatives in Camagüey. Agrisost, 22(2), 21-31. Recuperado a partir de
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