Comparison Between Intracornual Artificial Insemination and Uterine Body Deposition in Holstein-Friesian Heifers.

  • Víctor Guillermo Serpa García University of Cuenca, Republic of Ecuador.
  • Rafael Antonio Ochoa Méndez University of Cuenca, Republic of Ecuador.
  • Diego Andrés Galarza Lucero University of Cuenca, Republic of Ecuador.
Palabras clave: reproduction, dairy cattle, artificial insemination, PGF2α


Two insemination types were compared: intracornual  and uterine body  deposition  in  40  Holstein-Friesian  heifers in  the province of Azuay, Cuenca Region, Cumbe and Victoria Portete Parishes. The animals were over 18 months old,  weighing more than 300 kg; physical condition  score of  2.5-3.5, and similar management and hygiene cond i-tions. Each treatment was randomized in 4  blocks with 5  heifers each. Functional corpus luteum was determined by ultrasound scanning. PGF2α (250 mcg d-cloprostenol) was used for estrus synchronization. Estrus occurred at 48 and 72 h,  and the size of the pre-ovulatory follicle was measured.  Then, the two techniques were used to inseminate the animals. Gynecological checkup was performed 30 days after to assess pregnancy percent. Uterine body deposition was 35 %, whereas intracornual deposition was significantly higher (70 %).


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