In Vitro Ovicidal Effect of Crude Hydro-Alcoholic Extract on Pouteria sapota (Mamey sapote) Seeds Against Haemonchus contortus Eggs. First Report

  • Anay Delgado Morphophysiology Department, University of Camagüey, Cuba
  • Olimpia Núñez Morphophysiology Department, University of Camagüey, Cuba
  • Lester Aguilera-Valle Morphophysiology Department, University of Camagüey, Cuba
  • Danays Palacio Veterinary Department, University of Camagüey, Cuba
  • Josmel Salas-Romero Veterinary Department, University of Camagüey, Cuba
  • Gisell Bebert Morphophysiology Department, University of Camagüey, Cuba
  • Misleidi González Veterinary Department, University of Camagüey, Cuba
  • Noemí Fernández Veterinary Department, University of Camagüey, Cuba
Palabras clave: anthelmintic, egg hatching test, Pouteriasapota, Haemonchus contortus, plant therapy


The crude alcoholic extract of Pouteria sapota seeds is traditionally used as a pediculicide in Cuba. This study was made in order to evaluate the in vitro anthelmintic effect of crude hydro-alcoholic extract of Pouteria sapota seeds on Haemonchus contortus eggs. A hatching test was performed, in which several concentrations of the extract were tested for concentrations of 0.08-5.32 mg/mL. In comparison with the negative control group, a significant ovicidal effect was observed (P < 0.05), with 100% hatching inhibition to the greatest concentration used (5.32 mg/mL). These results suggest that P. sapota has an anthelmintic effect against H. contortus.


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