Influence of Age on Sexual Libido of Bull-Teasers in Dairy Cattle Herds.

  • Carlos Javier De Loyola Oriyés Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Camagüey, Cuba.
  • Álvaro Alejandro Fiss Poll Specialist at LABIOFAM, Camagüey, Cuba.
  • Roberto Vázquez Montes de Oca Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Camagüey, Cuba.
  • Magaly Garay Durba Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Camagüey, Cuba.
Palabras clave: estrus detection, sexual performance, bulls, age


Influence of age on sexual libido of bull-teasers was evaluated in daily cattle herds at the Livestock Center “Triángulo 1” in Camagüey, Cuba. To this purpose, 140 Holstein x Zebu crossbred bull-teasers at ages from 13 to 75 months old were studied from 2007 to 2010. Sexual libido was evaluated as an age dependent variable by a linear regression model. Age (39,76 ± 19,89 month-old standard deviation) showed a significant positive influence upon sex-ual libido (6,59 points ± 1,75 standard deviation). Sexual libido increase with age was probably due to older bull-teasers’ social rank and experience. Although bull-teasers younger than 24 months old showed an acceptable minimal sexual libido and could be fit for their role if rationally managed, some other factors like body build, management, environment, and age group must be assessed to this end.


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